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DiamonFire silver pendant, chaton with a 4mm zirconia.
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Diamonfire is a brand that offers jewellery for life.Each of the Diamonfire parts is meticulously designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, using top-class materials and innovative techniques.

The key to the Diamonfire jewellery lies in its innovation.Using the same cutting technique as diamonds, all Diamonfire circons are faceted with exactly 57 facets, just like the bright size of a diamond.These stones are accurately cut and valued in quilates just like authentic diamonds.This level of detail and quality allows the Diamonfire jewellery to shine with its exceptional brightness.

The tasting of the circonites in the Jewelry of Diamonfire is also a meticulous process.Stones are subject to conditions of temperature and pressure higher than usual, which guarantees greater quality and durability.This translates into pieces that keep their splendor over time.

The design is another distinctive element of the Diamonfire collections.Each of them presents different designs, ranging from classic to contemporary and minimalist.

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