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TI SENTO - Milan is a brand that has made silver its passion and has left an indeleble footprint in the world of jewelry.Its unique and deviated approach to silver has conquered the hearts of those who value elegance and sophistication.

The orphebers of TI SENTO - Milan were pioneers in elevating the gold standards to the silver jewelry, recognizing the intrinsic value of this noble metal.They were the first to give the silver the love and attention it deserved, and to make it shine with the same intensity as gold.

Each of the Jewelry is meticulously manufactured with law 925 silver, a symbol of quality and durability.But they don’t stop there.To add an extra brightness to the silver, all of your jewellery are covered in rodio.This coating not only highlights its brightness, but also provides additional protection against scratches and natural decoloration, ensuring that the pieces keep their beauty over time.

In addition, TI SENTO - Milano uses yellow or pink gold plates as design elements in several items in its collection.These gold touches add a touch of distinction and elegance to the silver jewellery, fusing the best of both metals.

In TI SENTO - Milan, design is an internal process.They dream, draw and make all their jewellery in their own workshop.Each piece takes life through the skill and talent of its orphelines, who have inherited a centenary tradition of craftsmanship.In their workshop, silver and blue and green faceted stones unite to give life to the most captivating designs.

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