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Lotus is a Spanish clock brand that has a history that stands out for its constant growth since its arrival in our country.Although its origins come back to Switzerland, where it began as a small distribution of affordable clocks, it was a gaditan entrepreneur, Miguel Rodríguez, who changed the brand’s destination and made it what it is today.

Miguel Rodríguez, a man who emigrated to Switzerland in search of opportunities, met Lotus on one of his travel to his homeland.I bought one watch for himself, but his fate gave an unexpected turn when a friend bought it and asked him to get him more for his acquaintances.It was then that Miguel realized that this could become a business.

With a clear vision, Miguel established a relationship with that clock and began to supply clocks to different jewellery.Despite opening his own jewelry in Barcelona, he continued transporting clocks to other shops.Until finally, in 1980, he decided to acquire the Lotus brand and establish it as a Spanish brand.

Lotus stands out for its constant evolution and growth, adapting to the demand of the market and offering quality products at affordable prices.Its extensive distribution network and its global presence are testimony of its success and international recognition.

With a constantly expanding legacy, Lotus has become a renowned brand that combines style, innovation and accessibility in its clocks.Miguel Rodríguez’s passion and dedication have been key to the brand’s success, leading it to position itself as one of the leading brands in the clock industry worldwide.

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