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The story of Polaroid is a story of innovation and unique vision in the world of photography and optics.Since its founding in 1937 by Edwin H. Land, Polaroid has stood out for its revolutionary approach to image capture and visualization.

The Polaroid brand became famous thanks to the development of the first instant camera, which allowed people to take a photo and get a printed copy in a matter of minutes.This innovation was a milestone in the world of photography, as it eliminated the need to send film rolls for development and wait days to see the images.

In addition to instant cameras, Polaroid also pioneered the application of the polarizing filter to sunglasses.This specific optical filter reduced glare and annoying reflections caused by light hitting reflective surfaces such as water, sand or snow.With Polaroid polarized lenses, perfect visual comfort and a superior user experience were achieved.

Over the years, Polaroid has continued to innovate in the field of optics and photography.They have continued to improve the quality of their lenses, using cutting-edge materials and treatments to ensure the highest quality in their products.

Today, Polaroid remains a recognized and admired brand in the world of photography and sunglasses.Its legacy of innovation and commitment to quality has enabled generations of people to enjoy exceptional visual experiences and snapshots of unforgettable moments.

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