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Details of the product Watch Smarteen with bisel with bees in relief and silicone correa.Compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and higher.The Bluetooth 5.0.Memory RAM: SRAM M4.Rechargeable battery with magnetic cable.5 days in operation and 10 days in rest.Functions: 8 spheres A spheres can be interchangeable from the TOUS WEAR APP, hours, minutes, seconds, month, day, day of the week, daily activity with step count, calorie count, miles or kilometers journey distance, sports (walk, running, climbing, cycling, basketball and others), vibration awakening, heart rate, sleep monitoring, climate, 1/100 seconds chronographer, 3 games and notifications (callings, WhatsApp, email, SMS, Facebook, etc.). General Information The silicone Plastic Box The diameter is 40.2 mm. Not water resistant Mineral crystal Smartwatch features with phone, health control, GPS, barometer, chronometer, back account, music, voice service, email and photos, body composition, blood pressure, blood pressure, heart rhythm. The Digital Quarter Movement Closing of Hebilla The Smarteen Collection

TOUS it is a world-recognized brand whose mission is clear: to be loved around the world by offering jewellery and accessories that accompany people at every moment of their lives.Its goal is to become an illusive brand that generates value through the quality, passion and service spirit of all people who are part of the world TOUS.

From TOUSthey are proud to deliver jewellery and accessories that exceed merely aesthetic.Each piece has the power to tell a story, to transmit emotions and to be a symbol of the most special moments.Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone loved, TOUS it strives to offer unique and meaningful pieces that become life companions.

With a clear vision, TOUS it aims to become the most desired and successful affordable luxury jewelry brand in the world.Their commitment goes beyond customer satisfaction, seeking to bring a significant value to each person who interacts with the brand, including their collaborators and society in general.

Quality is a key pillar in the DNA TOUSThe.Each jewelry and accessory is manufactured with the highest standards of excellence, using precious materials and taking care of each detail.This dedication to quality is reflected in the durability and beauty of each piece, thus ensuring the satisfaction of its customers.

TOUS it is more than a brand of jewelry, it is a symbol of love, joy and connection.With their clearly defined mission and vision, they continue to impact the world of fashion and jewelry, leaving a lasting footprint in the lives of the people they choose TOUS as a reference mark.

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